Saturday, January 24, 2009

The sales got to me

The SALES made me do it!! I swear!:D
I ckick,ckick bought this grey coat because I lacked a more elegant one. What to you think? ;))

Grey matches any colour, unlike black so it's perfect!

happy day
happy day - by caltzy on

I already made 2 possible outfits ;))


honeybunny said...

you'll look like a doll :D

andra said...

hope not a Barbie!!=))

honeybunny said...

nu nu nu, una draguta :) imbracata in paltonas dragut :D

andra said...

ihhi danke honeyB :D:*

carola said...


Dana said...

Arata si mai bine pe tine decat in poze :D

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