Sunday, November 15, 2009

Must read...

Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuck

read some quotes form his books.

Baby ipod

Meet my new baby! I'm absolutely thrilled that I finally have my own ipod touch! It still doesn't have a name, but it's still young :D

It's not just a music player, it's a portable computer. You can use it for browsing, e-mails, weather, pictures, movies, youtube...anything you can imagine! Flawless....:X
If only we'd have free wifi everywhere...
Free publicity, I know! Don't shoot me, I love it!

Got to go..I still have a lot to configure on it! TA-TA

Could you live without bags?

Today I'm dooling over this Anna Rianldi classic black and white bag. It can be worn with almost anything and would rest perfectly in my wardrobe...

Maybe I won't resist and buy it! Online shopping is addictive 'cause you know it's just a click away.
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