Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snow, more snow and lovely pics

Thank God for the Internet (3G) on top of the mountain ;)) I managed to attach some pics :D
U likey? ;))

P.S: We are at Muntele Mic :D

3...2...1...HAPPY and fashionable NEW YEAR!!! :*

May all your New Year's resolutions come true!:)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

And I'm off skiing :D :X

I bow to you, ID Sarrieri!

ID Sarrieri is one of the most successful Romanian brands, sold all over the world in exclusive boutiques.

You can purchase the lingerie here, or just have fun me.
[Model- Catrinel Menghia]

Just in case you won the lottery....;))

Opinions? :D

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Happy holidays everybody! I wish lots of joy, happiness, snow, chocolate and a sexy Mr. Santa!HO HO HO

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Batting my lases

I thought this would be the perfect make-up for New Year's Eve: huge, dramatic fake eye-lashes.

I found out a single pair of the mink eyelashes cost a whopping $10,000 plus they are only good for 5 to 7 times. :O:O

The city is lit

OPI love :X

Untitled by caltzy

Perfect for Christmas!

My word cloud

Create your own!

Just WATCH me!

I can't understand a thing they say but I love the geekish watches!

Love games

Liebesspiele (Love Games)
Magazine: Vogue Germany (January 2009)
Мodel: Isabeli Fontana
Photographer: Vincent Peters

Thank God for the Internet!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh modern Christmas treeee....

Everybody enjoys decorating the Christmas tree together with the family or loved one, no doubt about that, but nowadays the ecologic aspect of cutting down a 10 year old tree just for the sake of Santa can not be ignored. We are faced with many environment friendy options like:

Cardboard tree- elegant and can be easily be decorated according to you taste with sweets, silk bows or glass ornaments. It's easy to pack and can be reused for years.

The office Christmas tree- you just use colourful paper and stick it on a wall or door. My suggestion is to use pictures of the office team instead of "ornaments".


The drinker's comment ;))

The "classic" artificial tree- of course available in other colours than green. The disadvantage is that it can catch fire easily ;))


The acrylic Christmas tree- a very innovative design. It looks great with monochrome decorations.

What kind of tree will you opt for?

Friday, December 19, 2008

I've been tagged

Honeybunny tagged me! :D

I have to write about:
1. What Christmas means to me
In a few words: cleaning the house, queuing for food, sweets, lots of sweets, the Christmas tree, beautiful Christmas lights, sta

2.10 ideas of presents I want to receive
books, tea, make-up, a ski pass, jewelry, photo albums, anything from Lush and Agent Provocateur :))

3.10 ideas of presents I don't want to receive
I won't refuse any gift

4. tag others!

RFB will take over the world!MuHAhahah

UNDER cover

Pricesse tam tam creates linegrie made by women for women.

Feminine, sexy,special...just perfect for a self made gift!

The campaign is shot by my Terry Richardson :X and the model is Trish Goff. Enjoy!

Ps: Try the QUIZ!- Which Brit celebrity are you?

I got my results :)) Here they are:
You are a pure KATE MOSS Fashionista

For you, lingerie is a fashion accessory – there’s absolutely no question of hiding it away. You adore having coloured straps on show and you layer fabrics and prints in a way that is Fashion with a capital “F”. You’re creative and modern, turning night into day. Pull on delightful shirts with leggings, accessories and boots and you’re ready to go!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stefan Chinof graphic design

More of his work here

Dreaming of snow...

ski outfit by caltzy

All I want for Christmas is....

Fifi :X!!!!!!!!

The most fashionable bunny in the world!:X
If you are a fan you can buy drawings of stylish Fifi, postcards or even tees to hold him close to your heart.
If you like an outfit, be quick to purchase the drawing beacause Fifi never wears the same thing twice!!!Lucky bunny!:D

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Remeber Emma Watson from Harry Potter?

Well I bet she made some sort of magic trick 'cause here's the result: chic, classy and charismatic, Emma is a very good icon for girls her age, both fashion-wise and intellectual-wise. I love the transformation!

Sadly I think she's too grown up to play Hermonie anymore...
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