Thursday, March 5, 2009


This is just one of those mornings...I open my eyes, not really awake, not really asleep. It's raining outside and the dim light in the room doesn't help. After reading a couple of articles form the past issue of Elle (way better than the current), I decide it's time to get up. I drag my feet in front of the computer...Now I'm here, but what to do?Hmmm....The brain is not properly functioning..arghh!!

Ah! Let's see what photo jewels Sart has produced! :D I'm more interested in the street fashion in Milan, than the shows. ;))

Yes, I'm beginning to wake up now. Photography works, not coffee!


carola said...

The best way to wake up, in my opinion :D

andra said...

;)) yes it is!:X

tis serendipity said...

haha I know what you mean about great photos being the ultimate 'alarm clock' to help you get a fresh start to the day. But then it's so hard to concentrate on anything else because I'll feel like looking through more and more photos!

I love her flaming red hair. And those pink pants are so incredible.

cakequeen said...

That is a great piece of writing and i love that picture. I want those trousers!
I wake up by turning on my radio, CD player or ipod REALLY loud. It is great having a remote so you can even do it lying down!

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