Monday, March 16, 2009

Brussels it is!:D

Live blogging from Brussels very soon!! ;))

Let me start with the beginning. I started today my second week at work!:D My first job ever...the only position I applied for :)) That must mean I'm quite lucky ;))
We are going to have a three month trainig in Europe. Some colleagues are going to the UK-London and some to Brussels. Brussels was my first choice because it's in the heart of Europe and I can visit Paris or Amsterdam.
Today I found out that I was selected for Brussels!Yeyyyy :D
Of course I'm gonna miss my friends, cat, dog, room but by summer I'll be back. The long shopping sessions and the sightseeing will keep my mind off sad stuff. :D
I promise I'll document the whole experience thoroughly. ;))


nookie said...

ooooo bv bv bv bv!!!

Anca said...

felicitari, felicitari!

Leah Lusch said...

OMG that is awesome! You're gonna love Brussels! And since you're there, do yourself a favor and visit Bruges, Oostende, Tournais and Liege, those are wonderful places!

Andra said...

Nookie&Anca-thank youuu :*
Leah-I promise I'll do that!:D I want to travel as much as I can.
I've been to Oostende when I went to London, 13 years ago ;)) don't remember much :P
Brussels here I come :D

Dana said...

Ai uitat de zici de Bug,da cred ca-i de la sine inteles ca de el o sa-ti fie cel mai dor :p Da nu-ti fa griji,facem noi tot posibilul sa te vizitam :D Mergem in "fuking Bruges" hihihi

Andra said...

:)) eh dana, tre sa zic tot acuma?:P
veniti veniti!!o sa ne mega distram :D:D:D

bogdan said...


cakequeen said...

Break a leg! :P

carola said...

Ce misto!! felicitari :)

Andra said...

thank you dear readers!:*:* free hugs!!

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