Monday, March 30, 2009

High as a kite

It's clear now that shoes are never high enough. But can women actually walk in these?
It doesn't matter, because they look fierce!! 12cm shoes are not bought for their functionality and that's fine by me. :D
Enjoy the pictures!


cakequeen said...

I <3 Katy Perry - Thinking of You!
My mum said she can probably hardly walk in them and took them off after her toddle.
Lol! :L

carola said...

cate minunatii pentru bietele noastre picioruse?! mi-am si salvat cateva imagini, pentru a ma inspira la urmatoarea sesiune de shopping, cautand ceva similar :D

Andra said...

sa vedem daca si gasesti ;)) tinem pumniii :D

wow!!:X:Xlove her shoes too :X:X

cakequeen said...

Ha ha! She did not know who Katy Perry was? I get that. Funny how shopping is the same. What language is that?

Anonymous said...

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