Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wanna see some animals?

Nice print!:))

Don't look!!I'm shy :))

Playing ball :D

My friend Oana :D

This is a combination between a zebra, a horse and something unidentified :))
It's very peaceful animal so when it wants de defent itself it stays still! Still like a tree :D
Funny creature! ;))

A sleepy lion :D

Say what??;))

We visited the Antwerp Zoo today in a rush, we were literally running but at least I got to see my aninal friends :D


oanna said...

Peste tot ai cate o oana :D

Dana said...

Draga,ne-a iesit 8 la TETC :D

Andra said...

:D dada ;)) inca o Oana am :D

carola said...

ce frumos :)

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