Saturday, April 11, 2009 at first sight

I've arrived in Belgium for about a week, and because we have the weekend off from work we visited Brussels. Of course a bit of shopping was also included, but we were in a hurry so we didn't linger too much in the shops. Needless to say, any amount of money you have on you is too little...I chose some pictures so show you but it was rather hard to pick 'cause I took about 300 shots :))
Saw and must buy: belgian chocolate, candy G-strings =)), T-shirt with "I heart Brussels", clothes, shoes, clothes, shoes!!ups! I'm beginning to repeat myself :D
First impressions? Happy, relaxed people, a lot of vegetation, wonderful architecture, romantic :X
Conclusion: a must-see!

We'll go back tomorrow and hope for agitation in town, cause it's Easter here!

More pics later :) :*
ps:It's nice to be back! :D and HAPPY EASTER!


Dana said...

Arata tare bine. Da pe mine m-au terminat florile....asa colorate si frumoase! aaaa

Andra said...

hihi :D
u're so girlieeee!;))
kisses round one! :D

Leah Lusch said...

Aaaahhh, I miss Brussels!!! Make sure you eat some chocolate waffles!!!

Anca said...

Ce norocoasa esti! Sa profiti cat mai mult de orasul acesta superb. Spor la vizitat si la muult shopping!

Andra said...

anca-pai 3 luni o sa tot vizitez :))
leah- da, toata lumea se indopa cu ele azi :)) tre sa fie ceva la mijloc? si stii ce am mai vazut?
capsuni date prin cioco GODIVA :D must be good!

carola said...

My kind of town! :) Sa te distrezi, sa vizitzi si sa te bucuri de viata :)

Alexandra said...

hey....i was in belgium for a few hours....and guess galeriile comerciale :))
si in piata unde ai si u poze :))
si sa nu mai zic k era sa mor knd am vazut tonele de ciocolata ...binenteles k nu m-am putut abtine si mi-am cumparat :))
o sa vezi poze pe hai5....sooonnn

Alexandra said...

enjoy this :D

Andra said...

o sa cad si io in pacat acus Alexandra! :))

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