Friday, February 13, 2009

Style is all around (2)

Do I always nag my friends to appear on my blog? Yes. Any remorses? NO!!
So here she is: the lovely, ass-kicking Lili!

1. Name, age: Elena Voicu, 23

2. What does fashion mean to you? Fashion is a way of expressing myself, my mood, and reveals something of my personality.

3. When did you first discover your passion for fashion? I can’t say I have a passion for fashion or that I’m a fashionista, but I can’t deny that I find it a form of art and expression.

4. How would you describe your style? I have a casual style, but sometimes I like to dress up. I love elegant dresses and I find suits very stylish and sexy…and let’s not forget high heels.

5. In what type of clothing do you feel most comfortable? I would have to say that it depends very much of my state of mind…but I very often feel comfortable wearing casual clothing.

6. Where do you like to shop? There are not so many stores I like to shop from in my city, but among those where I usually do my shopping are: Rinascimento, BSB, Mango, Jar, Motivi.

7. What are you most excited to buy? I would have to say little black dresses and shoes of course…you know that!

8. What’s your most prized possession? I don’t prize possessions or material things that much…so I will have to pass this question.

9. What’s the most expensive/cheapest item you bought? Do you still wear it? The most expensive thing that comes to my mind now is my new pair of glasses, which I bought yesterday. And about the cheapest I bought some no name T-shirt that I like very much and which is pretty old and I’m still wearing it.

10. Would you wear something if you knew people would look at you funny? Right…did you forget the last Halloween? I didn’t.

11. Do you consider trends important? I consider them important in a certain way, I mean mostly for orientation. But I would never wear something that doesn’t suit me or that I find ugly just because everybody else does it or because that is the trend.

12. Do you follow trends? I follow them, but I think everybody has to build his own style and personality.

13. Style icon: Andra :D (ME :)))

14. What does your favorite outfit consist of? Some summer pants that are not tight and let me move freely, a tight top and some shoes with medium heels. To be awful true about that…u know it’s my bathing suit.

15. How do you feel about accessories? I don’t wear accessories most of the time, for me the perfect accessory is an expensive watch and eventually a wedding ring.

16. Favorite accessory: A silver chain with a silver panda bear which was a gift from some special friend.

17. Favorite shoes: A new pair of high heels that I’m planning to buy :))

18. Favorite magazines: Elle, Glamour, National Geographic…

19. Favorite film: Fight Club…but I can’t speak about it…u know…the 1st rule

20. What inspires you? Love, Music, Beauty, The Sea

PS: I'm dying to see those glasses!!!:X:X


dana said...

And the shoes! :D
Lili <3

dana said...

I forgot to say i LOVE the Ethiopian earings from the first pic :D

andra said...

da Lili, poze :P

alice in vintageland said...

She truly looks amazing in that white bsuit:)

andra said...

;)) shhh let's not spoil her too much :))

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