Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vionnet PreFall 2010

Madeleine Vionnet (June 22, 1876 – March 2, 1975) was a French fashion designer. Called the "Queen of the bias cut" and "the architect among dressmakers", Vionnet is best-known today for her elegant Grecian-style dresses and for introducing the bias cut to the fashion world.

See the whole collection on and read the reviews.

Personaly, I love the gray and bold colour combination, the ultra feminie prints and the head wraps. Great styling!

Will you be...I forgot!

Gift ideas for Valentine's day on All of them are girly, red, stylish and so desirable.

A red Michael Kors watch for me, Cupid! If you can't find it in red, I'll settle for a kiss...

The definition of perfection

Picture from: the most beautiful art

Norah is my vitamin

In your message you said, you were goin' to bed, but I'm not done with the night.
So I stayed up and read, but your words in my head, got me mixed up so I turned out the light.

And I, don't know how, to slow it down.
My mind's racing from chasing pirates.

Well the man in there swings while the silliest things, floppin around in my brain.
And I try not to dream but them possible schemes, swim around, wanna drown me in synch.

And I, don't know how, to slow it down.

Lazy days

I declare this the Lazy Day! :D
Now let's bed :P

To be or not to be inspired

Bike+girl+snow+high heels=<3

How 'bout that?

Seek more inspiration at :


Today's link : The love magazine.

LOVE issue 3, with 8 covers in total that feature Amber, Kate, Naomi, Daria, Kristem, Natalia, Jeneil and Lara almost naked...I'd like to be able to pick my favorite, but it's absolutely impossible.
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